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I love cup cakes. It's not just that I can have a whole cake to myself (and justify it) but that is it completely individual to me. I probably spend more time thinking about the flavour of the cake and how I'm going to decorate it than I actually do baking it. Unfortunately eating it takes the least amount of time. 

The best part of cup cakes is that you have the perfect icing/cake ratio which you can miss out on if you're having a slice of a larger cake and the slicer is haphazardly cutting it up. Not everyone understands that the perfectly cut slice needs the right balance of cake, icing, frosting and topping  so you're not left with an over-iced end piece or a bit of sponge with nothing else.

Here, I share with you an idea of how to create a delicious cup cake just by adding some food colouring and marshmallows: 

* You'll need 12 cup cakes, frosting, a bag of mini marshmallows, 12 normal sized marshmallows and some food colouring of your choice. 

* Melt the larger marshmallows in a bowl over a saucepan of simmering water. It takes a little while but keep stirring until their all gooey and delicious (see pic below)

* Slice a lump of sponge out the middle of each cup cake as you would if you were making butterfly cakes

* Fill the hole of each cake with the melted marshmallow mixture. To make it easier, use two spoons dipped in hot water. You can then put the top back on the cake so the middle of each is stuffed with marshmallow

* As this cools, whisk your food colouring of choice with the frosting and then mix in the mini marshmallows. Spoon on top of each cup cake until completely covered

* To complete, either sprinkle with edible glitter, white chocolate flakes or silver balls. 

* Eat and enjoy - Voila! 

I have always loved baking. Whenever it is a friend's birthday, I can't resist hitting the shops, pulling out the baking tins and whipping up a cake. I even somehow managed to bake a cake for a leaving party when I was in the midst of suffering from shingles. I'm not sure whether that's impressive or stupid! It's got to the stage now that I even feel like I've let someone down if I turn up at a party and I haven't brought a cake. I'm also slightly convinced the real reason my husband married me is because the cake stand was never without something baked, whether it be a fully decorated cake down to a traditional sponge, fairy cakes or cookies.

In the last year, I've started taking my baking a bit more seriously by tackling the competitive cake market. There are so many fabulous cakes out there and I wanted my creations to be part of them. I also love the feeling of delivering a cake I have spent hours perfecting and seeing the smile on the recipient's face. They don't even have to say thanks for you to feel appreciated. Hence why I've launched this website to display my cakes and it will also ensure I never forget to take a photograph of a cake ever again.

The purpose of this blog is to supplement my cake website. I'm aiming to update it frequently to talk about new recipes, my latest cake creation or anything new and innovative in the cake and baking market. Because let's face it, we all love cake.

Thanks for visiting the site, if you have any queries or suggestions for future blogs, please get in touch.